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Having the most accurate and up-to-date data is critical to the success of your business, but when data is siloed or you’re waiting weeks for a report, chaos and conflicts ensue. Pyramid Analytics BI Office easily consolidates disparate data with a new SAP®-certified connector, revealing hidden insights and presenting SAP data so all users can see it, understand it, and use it to confidently make better business decisions.

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Learn how to leverage the raw power of your SAP data—BI Office now delivers streamlined and governed access to all data sources in the SAP system, including SAP HANA and SAP BW.

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Pyramid Analytics BI Office

As a complete analytics platform, balancing self-serve analytics with centralized governance, BI Office brings optimized collaboration to the enterprise. This collaboration, across datasets and reports, is more than sharing content, context, and one source of truth. It includes reusing business logic (custom calculations and sets) to drive consistency throughout the organization. Across all functional areas and analytic workflows, BI Office enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to make data-driven decisions together.

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Pyramid Analytics BI Office

At Pyramid Analytics, we understand that these changes can seem overwhelming. So we put together a guide to help you successfully navigate this new landscape.

Pyramid Analytics, a leader in enterprise BI and analytics, is revolutionizing the way users access, visualize and present their data. And in today’s changing healthcare environment, it’s a powerful, scalable platform for innovation—helping organizations write their own map and successfully navigate the path ahead.

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