BARC Score Business Intelligence 2016

2nd Annual BARC Score - Impressive Debut for Pyramid Analytics

The second annual publication of the BARC Score Business Intelligence – Enterprise BI Platforms analyzes leading vendors in the business intelligence platform market. This edition of the report marks Pyramid Analytics’ strong debut on the Score graph tied to product capabilities and strengthening market execution.

The BARC Score evaluates vendors along two dimensions: portfolio capabilities and market execution. Portfolio capabilities include product functionality, infrastructure, and portfolio integration and maturity. The market execution dimension focuses on product, sales, and marketing strategy; customer satisfaction; financial and organizational strength; geographical coverage; and ecosystem.

To be evaluated in this Score, a vendor has to have a strong focus on providing broad BI functionality to enterprises and supply four out of six technologies from the following functional portfolio:

  • Formatted and ad hoc reporting
  • Dashboarding
  • Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Self-service BI and data discovery

Read the report to see why BARC rated Pyramid Analytics above Tableau, Qlik, Sisense, and 14 other companies on the portfolio dimension.

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Pyramid Analytics BI Office

As a complete analytics platform, balancing self-serve analytics with centralized governance, BI Office brings optimized collaboration to the enterprise. This collaboration, across datasets and reports, is more than sharing content, context, and one source of truth. It includes reusing business logic (custom calculations and sets) to drive consistency throughout the organization. Across all functional areas and analytic workflows, BI Office enables individuals—from power users to knowledge workers to decision makers—to make data-driven decisions together.

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Pyramid Analytics BI Office

At Pyramid Analytics, we understand that these changes can seem overwhelming. So we put together a guide to help you successfully navigate this new landscape.

Pyramid Analytics, a leader in enterprise BI and analytics, is revolutionizing the way users access, visualize and present their data. And in today’s changing healthcare environment, it’s a powerful, scalable platform for innovation—helping organizations write their own map and successfully navigate the path ahead.

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