Frustrated with Tableau?

A Prescription for Enterprise BI

Why is your enterprise feeling Tablow? See why large deployments are proving costly and creating a big data mess. Take a closer look at the top 5 reasons that companies like yours are moving beyond Tableau and scaling up with Pyramid Analytics.

Whether your organization is dealing with scalability or governance with an existing Tableau deployment or in the early exploration stages for your business analytics initiative, you will gain valuable insight on limitations that have been echoed by customers and analysts alike.


  • John Hormaechea, Director of Product Marketing, Pyramid Analytics
  • Mike Lebben, Vice President Global Sales Operations

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Visualize your data

Pyramid Analytics, a leader in enterprise BI and analytics, is revolutionizing the way users access, visualize and present their data. In today’s changing environment, it’s a powerful, scalable platform for innovation—helping organizations write their own map and successfully navigate the path ahead.

This new analytic platform offers a breadth of capabilities that simplify the complex and enable the enterprise to collaboratively solve difficult problems and make better decisions. Learn more about BI Office Version 6:

  • Why you need an analytics platform
  • Critical attributes of an analytics platform
  • How BI Office Version 6 provides users across the organization the right environment to confidently make the most of their data